Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Great Bicycle Adventure ~ Bonus Edition ~ The Running Away Series

Lincoln City, OR

South of Coos Bay, OR

South of Humbug Mountain, OR

South of Humbug Mountain, OR

Trees of Mystery, CA

Trees of Mystery, CA

Klamath, CA

Philipsville, CA

South of Garberville, CA

South of Garberville, CA

Westport, CA

San Anselmo, CA

San Francisco, CA

The Great Bicycle Adventure (Part 2) ~ Crazy California

On Day 16 we entered California. The first scenic spot we encountered was Pebble Beach, where there were craggy rocks and beautiful flowers.

That night we stayed at the Mill Creek campground, our first destination in the magnificent Redwood forest!

Day 17: Mill Creek to Elk Prairie campground (34 miles)

Statues of Paul Bunyun and his Blue Ox, Babe, at the Trees of Mystery, tourist attraction.

Redwood National Park, just north of Elk Prairie campground.

Day 18 & 19: Rest Days at Elk Prairie campground

Day 20: Elk Prairie to Patrick's Point State Park via Lady Bird Johnson Grove (31 miles)
This beautiful rocky outcrop towered directly over our campsite.

Rocky point.

Wedding Rock (with Chelsea standing on the top).

Day 21: Patrick's Point to Eureka KOA (Kampground of America) ~28 miles
More barking Sea Lions.

Day 22: Eureka to Burlington campground in the Avenue of the Giants (56 miles)
Interesting Victorian architecture in Eureka.

Avenue of the Giants.

One of our delicious granola breakfasts.

Day 23: Rest Day at Burlington campground
It got very windy, making the trees creek and sway. A number of branches plummeted down from the canopy, including this hefty 15 footer.

Founder's Grove, the oldest Redwood forest in the world.

Day 24: Burlington to the Hartsook Lodge by Richardson Grove State Park (34 miles)
We saw some interesting decorations in some of the small towns we passed through.

Garberville. At the 'Nacho Mamma' mexican restaurant.

At the Hartsook lodge.

A magnificent Redwood.

Day 25: Richardson Grove to Standish Hickey State Park (15 miles)

Day 26: Standish Hickey to MacKerricher Beach (42 miles)

MacKerricher Beach.

Day 27: MacKerricher Beach to Russian Gulch State Park (13 miles)

Day 28: Russian Gulch to Manchester Beach KOA (42 miles)
A pygmy forest near Van Damme State Park.

Day 29: Rest Day at Manchester Beach


Manchester Beach KOA.

Day 30: Manchester Beach to Bodega Dunes (71 miles) yay!

Massive Eucalyptus tree.

Fort Ross. Built by the Russians, in the early 1800s.

Day 31: Bodega Dunes Rest Day

Ice plant.

Day 32: Bodega Dunes to Samuel P. Taylor (46 miles)

Day 33: Samuel P. Taylor to Fairfax (9 miles)
Day 34: Fairfax to San Francisco! (20 miles)

Imagination Park in San Anselmo (the home of George Lucas), posing with Indiana Jones!

Sausalito house boats, the home of the Beatniks.

The Golden Gate itself!

The area around our Air B'n"B, in Daly City, San Francisco.

The old apartment of Jimi Hendrix, in the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood.

Golden Gate Park.

The famous Orpheum theatre.

The Bay Bridge.

San Francisco Ferry Building.

By Pier 1.

The Coit Tower.

The Trans-America building.

A bank in Chinatown.

Back to our cozy spot in Daly City, after a whirlwind day of sight-seeing.